Bridges Pack Kit v1.0

Train Simulator Addons

Bridges Pack Kit v1.0

1. The metal span with farm and ride across the bottom length of 55 meters (RU Bridge Kit: Steel span of 55 m H1 SET);
2. Concrete spans a length of 12, 23.6 and 33.6 meters, with the foundations of the variational / without foundations (RU Bridge Kit: Concrete spans SET);
3. Supports riverbed (Bulls) 3 types – lined with black stone, granite and completely reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete abutment (RU Bridge Kit: Supports bridge SET);
4. Canvas for bridges on ballastless concrete slabs (BMP) and on wooden sleepers (RU Bridge Kit: The deck SET);
5. The counter rail and the loft object of 2 types – straight 12 meters and terminating (RU Bridge Kit: The counter rail SET (object) and RU Bridge Kit: The counter rail 01 (loft)).

Photo material: jim_spb, GiG, Matthias Wilhelm
3D models and textures: Dmitry Urbanyuk aka jim_spb
Convert and setup in TS14: Vasi4

jim_spb, GiG, Matthias Wilhelm, Dmitry Urbanyuk aka jim_spb, Vasi4
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