RW Enhancer Graphics Enhancement Addon v1.0 for TS 2019

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RW Enhancer Graphics Enhancement Addon v1.0 for TS 2019

This addon will improve your Train Simulator experience by adding new shaders based effects.
RWE is fully configurable with the provided configuration software and is compatible with all existing and future routes and addons. Those new effects are carefully optimized and have no significant performance impact. You can even have a better framerate by configuring various performance related settings.

RWE comes with a configuration software that can be used to fully configure everything. You can enable/disable various graphic effects, restore the default Train Simulator shaders and you can even enable some special optimization settings if you want to have some performance gains. Every setting is explained so you can understand which effect you want to enable or not.

Enjoy better image quality, improved lighting and other goodies and give a fresh new look to Train Simulator with RW Enhancer !
RW Enhancer will be updated with new features and fixes in the future. Please look at the changelog page.

Features mod:
* Fully tweakable and configurable with a configuration software
* New lighting technique based on Physically Based Rendering
* Brand new Adaptative bloom with eye adaptation effect
* SSAO effect support

* Depth of field enhancements
* Fog rendering enhancements
* 2D vegetation shading enhancements
* Procedural flora enhancements
* New optimized light glow effect
* Specular reflections improvements
* Glass rendering improvements
* Weather effect enhancements
* Image enhancements (smart sharpening, tonemapping…)
* Sun shadows rendering improvements

P.S.: This is payware mod, it’s not for free!!!

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What is this mod use for

Train Simulator Addons is a great extra feature, which help to upgrade your game and get the very best of it. Each Train Simulator Mod has different specifications; therefore, we recommend taking a look at which kind of options are available for every file. TS Addon is so easy to use that it will only take few seconds to add it to your game. TS Mod will save much of your time and energy, so why not to try it?

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  1. isaac james ridge says:

    you need to put more Armstrong powerhouse stuff on like class 43 mtu, class 90, class 156 etc

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