TEM2 Pack v1.0 Locomotives

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TEM2 Pack v1.0 Locomotives

TEM2 pack locomotive for Train Simulator 2015

A new mod for the popular game RailWorks Trainz Simulator. This simulator will provide you with the opportunity to train virtually work as Locomotive. New maps, scenarios, and the ability to download to Train Simulator Russian trains make the game more interesting. Models, sounds, cabin configuration and scripts are made by developers RailroadSim team. With the browser was able to realize different chips that standartnoy game engine does not support.

Here are some of them:
Manual and automatic control of the fan and louvers of the refrigerator.
Animation brakes.
Opening doors and windows, separate control of wipers.
Individual inclusion of spotlights and lanterns buffer.
Simulation parameters of the engine (oil pressure, fuel, water and oil temperature, etc.) and associated equipment and the behavior of the locomotive.
Simulation of control systems driver vigilance.
In addition, detailed instructions for the management of locomotive TEM2 located in the game folder

Content Additions
Shunting locomotive TEM2 in 4 color options with the individual models, realistic cockpit and sounds, as well as an exclusive model of the driver.
Quadruple-15-150 model tank for transportation of petroleum products in 2 color options, with realistic sounds.

Unzip the ZIP-archive on your computer. Read the license agreement (file RRS_TEM2_Pack1_EULA_RU.pdf). When installing add-on you thereby agree to be legally bound by the terms of the License Agreement.

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What is this mod use for

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