181 and 183 v1.0 Electric locomotives

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181 and 183 v1.0 Electric locomotives

When in the first half of the 90s diverged rebuilding locomotives series 753 to 750 with electric heating trains, presided over the leadership of the then CSD whether a similar way to modernize the elders, but operationally efficient locomotive 751, or even 752. After completing basic testing prototypes in Jihlava, meanwhile, the newly created CD in 1993, decided to reconstruct electric heating train a total of 60 locomotives series 751 and 752 and complement their already relatively large fleet of refurbished machines series 750 locomotives rebuilt in a series of 751 was redesignated after a series of 749 left original inventory numbers, original series 752 machines were given inventory numbers from 240 above.

The package contains far weathered locomotive 749 100-4 as of July 2013, a relatively well-preserved locomotive 749 264-8 in the form of a 2015 locomotive 749 039-4 in the state after repainting and 749 008-9.v retro paint. Photographic material provided willow, Malard and Liadi, for which I thank them. 3D model of the cabin was due substrates Malarda. Sounds are cadre. Model install using tools implemented in the TS2016 in the game or in an alternative manner directly into the Assets directory.


Without my friends, this model would have never arisen and this I thank them all. Roman deserves unending thanks for the fact that he managed to finish the models so that they are usable in the TS2015, Michal and Roman scripts for the same thanks to the machine, Peter Mourning for an innovative approach to process sounds. For great photographic evidence thank Luke Hanzlik Paul Hořínka. Luke also worked on the textures for that machine. The model could also arise due to the amazing and tolerant partner Alice and sons Luke, Anthony and Francis, and by this I thank them also.

Credits: Pikku, Malard, Jacek, Roman, Michal, Liad, Kadr
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