Shevchenko – Tsvetkovo v1.0 (Beta) Route

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Shevchenko – Tsvetkovo v1.0 (Beta) Route

Greetings to all fans of the railway! I want to introduce all of its add-on for Train Simulator 2014-16, namely a beta version of the route “Shevchenko – Tsvetkovo”

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the content developer, thanks to the work that has the opportunity to build their routes, filling them with friends and the desired object. And also for the valuable advice provided material and moral support to explain to express my sincere gratitude to the individual users of the site.

Info Route:

– The length of the route – about 20 km. (At this stage)
– Class path – shunting. (At this stage)
– The version of the route – 1.0 beta

* The route is based on the actual terrain of satellite imagery.

* The route was based on the principle of “from what is”, so do not expect more in line with actual prototype. The big problem was the lack of photo-video material in the construction.
Also, due to the low power design tools, had forced to make significant simplification in the placement of objects.

* The basis of the route is a railway junction station them. Shevchenko, located in Smela, Ukraine. The station connects the so-called BAKHMACH and Fastovsky line.

List of Park Station:
– Bakhmach passenger (South Station), the path 1-4;
– Bakhmach trade, the path 5-7, 10-15;
– Sorting path 6-35;
– Fastovsky passenger (North Station), the path of 61-64;
– Fastovsky trade, the way 42-50;
– The Sign, the path 73, 74

NOTE: In order to simplify the IDB has some differences from the actual track of the station, and as a consequence, the difference in the numbering and naming of ways.

The route is installed and fully configured domestic Traffic light signals – RSv05

The package consists of a script – 5 standard and 1 free in 2 versions – Summer / Winter. Plus there is a Quick Drive

The script required: SS ‘default from the euro-pack Kuju, TEM2 + Patch 1.5 TGM3 :: :: :: Gondola car with reserved seats Tanks 15-150 :: :: :: Platform Tank 50,260,769 13-401 boxcar :: :: dump cars :: :: Hoppers Hoppers 19-758 20-480 19-3054 :: :: Hoppers Hoppers Hoppers 19-752 19-739 :: :: Hopper dispenser CRI-FEP: package №1 :: Hopper dispenser CRI-FEP : package №2 :: Thermoses


Special thanks to co-author this route Artyom aka dison202 for its urgent recommendation to create a route is not for personal use, and for the publication, development and provision of facilities for the construction, including the exclusive, supported by word and deed, wrapping route for release, and most importantly – the abyss patience to my whims: oops:. Without his involvement release would not take place!
Thanks also to the user Damien Thorn for giving exclusive model Peregonovka station station.

PPS.Bez consent of the authors, that is my present, and Artem, placement of content on third-party sites is prohibited.

Artyom, Damien Thorn, Sveta
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